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Restonomía were established in 2008 by Lorena Rapimán Asserella and Mario Jara Ortíz, entrepeneurs from Antofagasta. It began with great force, featuring updated information from most popular and influential restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés from Northern Chile

Also contains its digital magazine Resto-News, with chronicles, analysis and stories of the gastonomic and bohemian scene, as well as intervies and opinion posts. And also its Social Pages, when then same audience could star Restonomia's homepage celebrating gastronomy and its many flavors.

Restonomia's design was always a team effort between all members of its team. From its beginning, we had the duty of maker every design and development issues worked great together.

Although I rarely appeared as a signature in site's posts, I give a complete support to Restonomia. Including setup and improvement of its CMS, review and correction of its articles, it Social Media positioning, and especialy its Search Engine Optimization, Restonomía's fundamental added value: It appeared first en most search terms related with gastronomy applied to its local and national interests.

Restonomia's custom advertising platform for gastronomic clients are currently in recess. However, all journalistic content ever published on its site, like RestoNews articles, are completely accesible and readable.