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Online Broadcasting in Antofagasta Region


In December 2010 this report was developed and released.  It tells how Internet broadcasting are so important for stations from Antofagasta, Tocopilla, Taltal, Mejillones and Calama. Even though in most cases it begins like an experiment, by 2010 its online signal became a fundamental pillar in its work, its communication with its audience and even its business role.

This chronicle begins in the 90s with Juan Antonio Marrodan, entrepeneaur, broadcaster and scholar from Antofagasta, when he begins an experimental radio station which later become the international signal of oldest AM radio of this city, It also explores another stories, like Radio Definitiva's, starting in Antofagasta with a breakthrough programming, and later moving to Tocopilla, winning in that process, a faithful audience from the Internet.

It also compares with some outstanding cases from overseas, like Radio Despi and its hugely successful shows "Game Over" and "El Octavo Pasajero", who leads to the creation of another online station: Radio Battletoads.

It should be noted that by 2016, all the counts here is still valid and far from obsolete. All this radio stations are still active and measured internet broadcasting the same way than in 2010

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