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The main hub for everything that I do on the Web is fernastro dot com, and not an account in some social network.

Since I started in this, I have defended that the primary space in the Web should not be in the trending social network, Instead, in an own Web site, because here you can have all the freedom to present yourself with its signature and personal identity. And everything published here will be my property, not that said the terms of use (that nobody reads) of whatever social network.

The main hub in fernastro dot com joins all posts and stories written and published though all this years. Where i prefered in first place topics with a more permanent or long term interest and with the highest quality possible, over the trending and easy forgetable topics. Because of that, these posts eventually have been highlighted at the top in search engine results. You know, A well positioned article in Google worth more than a text highly viralized in social networks, which is forgotten the next day.

Ferdotcom works under WordPress since 2009. Even though in more recents projects I jumped into new platforms, WP still works great in my main website, so I will keep using them for this site and I don't want to change that anyway.

This site have been passed throuh four great redesigns. The current one, which I called Generation Eight, debuted in 2014. If was a change that it has to be done, to offer a responsive and friendly web site, compatible with most devices used for watch the internet today, with a new but own visual identity which became the base for later sites under the Fernastro dot com umbrella, like Fuentes Cercanas or this portfolio.

It is the Generation 8, because it's the eight great redesign of my main hub for my projects on the Internet, which before 2009 are not in fernastro dot com, but in some different places.