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Fuentes Cercanas


Established in Febuary 2016, Fc explores all possibilities and dimensions that typography can deliver us: Art, opinion, information, memories, feelings...

The Digital Revolution also get us closer to typography, an ancient art present from centuries ago, who approached us to levels never seen before. We no longer have only available that typewriter letter style. Now we can choose which visual identity will have our computer-created documents and canvas, selecting one or another typeface.

Why this name? In Spanish-spoken journalism are commonly used that term, "fuentes cercanas" (lit. closed sources), refering to someone who reveals some information who are closer to who or what reporter are investigating, but it sould not be revealed his or her identity.

And this term were chosen to give it a new meaning: Fuentes are also how Microsoft mis-translated into Spanish the term Fonts. So, for this project, Fuentes Cercanas can be translated as Closed Fonts, a title picked to show how really closer to our lives are fonts and typography, exploring all possibilities that can gave us in every entry.

El sitio de Fc es un trabajo de diseño y diagramación propio, basado en lo ya realizado con el sitio principal de fernastro punto com para su Generación 8. Adaptado para los requerimientos específicos de la ocasión: mostrar imagenes de manera instantánea, optimizado para cualquier dispositivo.

Fc's website are a in-house design and development, based in work already done with Fernastro dot com for its Generation 8. But adapted for all requirements that this project requires: Displaying PNG images quickly, for every device and screen resolution.

fc.fernastro.com are the first in-house development working under Bolt CMS, a platform more simple and flexible than its usual competitors. Bolt's advantages are exploited in Fc through its powerful taxonomy engine, that allows to sort content using more than the usual tags: Also by its typographical groups or individual fonts used in every canvas.