Fernando A. Castro

Journalist and Independent Web consultant » contacto@fernastro.com

Bolt CMS Development and design


Bolt (www.bolt.cm) is one of the latest and most intersting CMS. It appeared as an answer and option to the growing overweight and excess of features of its rivals, that could still being the leaders, but not everyone nor all projects and web sites will use them deeply.

"Easy for editors, and a developer's Dream" are Bolt's motto. And it follows that with its control panel, simpler to use, customizer and even understand. And also with its more accesible developent tools, which allows to setup and create a new site in less time. 

That simplicity does not mean that Bolt lacks all functions and possibilities required for today's Web: Integration with social networks, HTML5 + CSS3 compatibility, responsive designs, contact forms, connectivity with platforms for commenting and feedback like Disqus, and even more can be added to a Bolt site.

Even further, Bolt CMS has a powerful taxonomy engine, that allows to qualify contents in more than just tags. And also create multiple kind of entries.

This portfolio, Fuentes Cercanas and the website for certain ONG (currently in development) are examples of sites working great under Bolt CMS.

If you need a web more simpler but powerful and compatible with all that requieres today's internet, think about Bolt CMS. Here, you can find all the help and consulting that you need.